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2002-2004: MidEdit
2002: H-O-H
2001: Reverse
2001: Assembler basics
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    I made this project as a project for Programming 2 class. But I never really finished it. After a year, I decided to post it on my web; perhaps, someone will finish what I left unfinished.

    If you know somethig about chemistry, you may guess, that H-O-H is in fact the grafical representation of H2O, in other words, water. And that's what's this game about - about water. The screen is full of flowing water (even if my brother claims the water behaves just like sand - hmph, he doesn't comprehend the artist's soul :)) and when it touches (or doesn't touch) the right place, the current level is finished. Yes, it is a logical game, but for the latter levels you need fast reflexes too.

This is how the main menu looks like
    You don't have many options in the main menu. On the left side, there are the first three sets of levels (each set containing ten levels), on the right side, there should be the fourth set, loading of own levels end exit. The reality looks different - the fourth set is equal to the third and the load level section is nearly just the same, but instead of the last level in that set there is always loaded a level with filename "level".
The third set of levels - the problem is choice
    After clicking on a set of levels, small overviews of those levels are shown. The first level is the most upper left, the second is right to the first, ..., the fourth is the upper right, ..., the tenth is the lower left. After choosing one of them, click on the overview, wait approximately a second (time for examining of the level) and play.
The twentieth level - with a bit of wit, you can solve this
    In a level, there are various things - besides the water, there are walls, clamps, pipes... sponges sucking water, holes, where the water does rain from... This game gives you many possibilities not only in creating of such a level, but there are mostly many ways of solving those levels.
But the thirtieth level is a hard nut
    There is a level editor bundled with the game - it's just an alfa version, but it is able to do everything it should. By pressing F1, you trigger the help page with the control keys.

    You can download the game here [284 220 bytes]. It contains many files in the main directory, it has still some bugs and it isn't "foolproof". Like I said, it's not finished yet. And it is likely not to be finished at all... but it is still playable.